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Irem Derici

Aloe Vera Pillow Features

Product description

Cleans the skin with constant heat distribution

The cover is compressed with aloe vera extract
Cover 100% microfiber, filling pad 100% nanofiber.

Aloe Vera is known for its skin regeneration function and cleanses the skin of dead skin. It preserves the elasticity and freshness of the skin for increased well-being. It also offers a restful sleep and a soft feel.

Microgel fibers have the property that they are thinner compared to other fibers due to a special treatment. Its thin structure ensures that the fiber remains homogeneous for a long time.

With this homogeneity, more chambers are formed inside the tissue and become a breathing structure. Microgel (Nano) Fiber also offers excellent warming without sweating during sleep, in particular through even heat distribution.


You can wash the pillowcase in the washing machine at 30 °, lay it out or dry it in the dryer. It is an easy-care product.

  Do not iron 
    Normal drying
Hand wash
 Easy care  

Color White
Size 50x70 cm
Counts of Manufacture
Filling pillow %100 Aloe Vera
Coating %100 Microfiber
Aloe Vera


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